Monday, November 8, 2010

Stellar IS OPEN!


Yes, we're now open. We had our little launching event last week 31st October 2010. oh and we'll upload the pics of the launching party later! We are still too overwhelmed by the number of guests who turned up to support our little launch no one have a clue how BIG DEAL it was to us!hehe..So a HUGE thanks to those who came to support/shop/eat/paint at Stellar last week. And also a shoutout to those who brought food and Mahmud, who sponsored 18.yes, EIGHTEEN domino's pizzas for the event. Xeem, Eidlan and King of Juxta Art, who doodled on the 3m canvas. Aizam, Azan and relatives who have helped, THANK YOU!

+ Photoshoot Session 7/11/2010

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