Sunday, November 21, 2010


+ Bijou Bazaar at MAP KL
Here are some pictures taken from the second day. Check out our booth and some other uber cool booths!

+ Xeem's Handmade Headband from Stellar

+ This is Xeem

+ Azza from Cookie Cat. Always been an addictive...to the brownies of course!

+ Paper Clay doodles. I absolutely love this!

+ Another favourite product. Handmade Stool from only RM90.Designed by super friendly Redzlina

+ Juxta Art. Can absolutely contact us if you're interested in their artworks.

+ Hana Tajima dropped by Bijou and we snapped few pictures of her. we were so starstruck to meet her!

+ i LOVE this booth too!

+ Preloved Sneakers at Stellar

+ Najwa dropped by and tried on our Oxford Shoes at our booth.

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