Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


: Studded shirt!
: (was RM 59) NOW RM45!!!!!

The rule is, you need to get the items posted daily only in our boutique, which means, this does not apply online and its on first come first serve basis. The price stated for each item only lasts for 24 hours. For further information about this sup...erstellar promotion, you can email us at stellar.studio@yahoo.com ! Just check our page daily from 10p.m onwards to know the Stellar piece of the day!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grab-A-Stellar-Piece-A-Day Thang!

hey, for more info follow our FB page,its Day 2 already and we're offering only the best items!yay!

December to die for!

+ Chanel inspired dress
+ VERY Limited Stocks!

+ The Neue Cropped Blazer in Red!

+ The Wild Maxi Dresses
+ only available in 2 colors

+ Noir long Dress

+ Killer Jumpsuit!

+ Maxi Skirt can be also worn as tube dress.

+ Vintage inspired Skirt
+ Also available in Black!

+ Laced Top available in 2 colors

+ Embroidered top

+ Sleeveless top

+ Ribbons Cardi

+ Brown Harem Pants

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our favourite today!

Petite Market @ Stellar 28/11/2010

Last weekend's petite market went very well..we have few other booths that joined us in our space..and it was so nice meeting new people who just randomly came up to our store..We are still so overwhelmed to get to meet these awesome customers, and also vendors..One vendor came and sell her daughters' branded stuff for only RM5, which, u can still get em at our shop...we are so happy and would like to THANK everyone!!!



Monday, November 22, 2010

Super Colorful Collection!!

Hey all..here's a sneak preview of the latest collection..We have colorful maxis,skirts and tops!!

+ Red Skirt - SOLD
+ Turquoise Skirt - SOLD

+ The Colourful Maxi Dresses
+ Army Green - SOLD
+ Dark Purple - SOLD
+ Turquoise - SOLD
+ Light Purple - Available!!

+ Embroidered top Available in 4 colors!!
+ Purple
+ Black
+ Dark Blue
+ Turquoise

+ The Bow Button Top
+ White Available
+ Black - SOLD
+ Green - Available

+ The polka dot blazer
+ dark Blue - SOLD
+ Light Blue - Available

+ Super Fury Top!
+ Black Available
+ Purple Available
+ Beige SOLD!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


+ Bijou Bazaar at MAP KL
Here are some pictures taken from the second day. Check out our booth and some other uber cool booths!

+ Xeem's Handmade Headband from Stellar

+ This is Xeem

+ Azza from Cookie Cat. Always been an addictive...to the brownies of course!

+ Paper Clay doodles. I absolutely love this!

+ Another favourite product. Handmade Stool from only RM90.Designed by super friendly Redzlina

+ Juxta Art. Can absolutely contact us if you're interested in their artworks.

+ Hana Tajima dropped by Bijou and we snapped few pictures of her. we were so starstruck to meet her!

+ i LOVE this booth too!

+ Preloved Sneakers at Stellar

+ Najwa dropped by and tried on our Oxford Shoes at our booth.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Stellar Look 16.11.2010

+ Get This look for less than RM 200! only in Stellar!

+ Anida.
+ Ex colleague
+ Concept : Boho Chic
+ Black Boho Jumpsuit + Studded Bolero + Rustic Bangles + Belt