Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Know your colours!

This is interesting, i found it while browsing stumbleupon.com . Maybe you can also use this combinations as your colour palettes.

Color Co-ordinating Clothes

Matching Your Outfits Effortlessly

Annie Suh" title="Color scheme - Annie Suh">
Color scheme - Annie Suh
If you're the type who's always at a loss when it comes to co-ordinating outfits, these guidelines will make it easier to dress, especially during a morning rush.

When it comes to color-co-ordinating clothes, many people just like to play it safe with black. It’s easy, simple, and it doesn’t require too much thought because many things go with black including the color itself—and not many other colors can do that well. However, black can get a tad boring if you’re wearing it day after day. These guidelines will make it easier to wear a variety of colors more frequently.

Color Matching Combinations for Clothing

  • Baby pink: browns, tan, mint green, olive green, gray, turquoise
  • Dark pink (fuschia): gray, tan, yellows, lime green, mint green, browns
  • Tomato red: baby blue, mint green, creamy white, gray
  • Cherry red: blues, gray, pale orange, pale yellow
  • Light brown: pale yellow, creamy white, blues, greens, purples, reds
  • Dark brown: lemon yellow, baby blue, mint green, baby purple, lime green
  • Tan: baby pink, dark brown, blues, greens, purples
  • Pale orange: gray, browns, forest green
  • Dark orange: pale yellow, forest green, browns, cherry red
  • Lemon yellow: cherry red, browns, blues, gray
  • Pale yellow: fuschia, gray, browns, tan, reds, blues, purples
  • Golden yellow: gray, browns, blues, reds, black
  • Lime green: tan, browns, pinks, dark orange, navy blue, gray
  • Forrest green: oranges, light brown, tan
  • Olive green: tan, browns, grays, creamy white, black,
  • Mint green: brown, gray, navy blue, reds, gray, tan
  • Turquoise: fuschia, cherry red, tan, browns, creamy white, dark purple
  • Electric blue: golden yellow, tan, light brown, gray or silver
  • Baby blue: reds, gray, browns, dark orange
  • Navy blue: baby purple, tan, brown, gray, yellows, oranges, greens, reds, pale colors
  • Baby purple: dark orange, dark purple, olive green
  • Dark purple: tan, pale yellow, gray, turquoise, mint green, pale orange

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